»Flow with the Music«

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Clara Frühwirth

Have you ever experienced a silence of twenty-five seconds in a room, together with two thousand other people?

After the orchestra finished their last note, the conductor still held his arms up high. No-one made a sound as the conductor, slowly, released his arms. Time seemed to stop.

I myself witnessed this moment in the Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic – an astounding moment of truth and beauty. It was no uncomfortable silence. It happens when an audience understands that silence, as well as music, can be a shared experience full of meaning. This is one of the stories embedded in my book.

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My book talks about how to overcome obstacles in order to reach what you’re truly wishing for.

How, in search of your goal, you will grow as a human being.
That you can be true to yourself, and trust yourself, no matter what. That you are, as a matter of fact, good enough.

I write about the beginnings, about teaching, about dealing with frustration and about flowing with life while you Flow with the Music. It is book that gives hope and builds trust, not least in yourself.

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Clara Frühwirth
Maria Busqué

A path in music, like anything that is truly meaningful, is no small feat –

– and yet it is of such beauty, giving us the chance to bestow upon ourselves and those around us moments of assurance, confidence, surrender, and especially truth. To keep the spirit alive – that music is something worth working for – that’s why I wrote this book.

I'm a professional musician and coach for musical performance and personal development. 2014 I started writing a blog about the topics that interested me as a musician and as a person - and my readership grew over the years. 2020 I financed my first book through a successful crowdfunding, selling almost a thousand copies within a month, including 760 in the first two weeks. The entire process took 14 weeks to produce. 2022 the book was published in a revised new edition by Wißner-Verlag of Augsburg, Germany.

Clara Frühwirth

This book is about more than just music.

Flow with the music takes you through the stages of discovering a path in music, of overcoming obstacles and of, finally, transcending music: it’s about human connection and the transmission of truth and beauty through music.

It’s a book not only for music performers or music lovers: it’s a book for anyone that aspires to overcome a difficult task – and to find joy in searching for it.

»An ideal book to reconnect to yourself and your artistic expression, in its deepest and most essential state of being.«

Gerhard Quartet

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While it's not yet been published in English, it's published in German:

»Alles im Flow? Die Kunst, ein musikalisches Leben zu führen« von Maria Busqué (Wißner-Verlag, 2022)

Reference: ISBN 978-3-95786-325-6

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